Fly Out Fishing Trips

 Alaska fly out trips are fun and exciting.  You get to go beyond the roads and fish where only a plane can drop you off.  Most of our fly out trips are located across Cook Inlet on the Alaska Peninsula.  Our most popular trips are a scenic 30 minute flight across Cook Inlet, where the plane lands and the fun begins. 


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Trips to Wolverine Creek offer excellent opportunity for catching red and silver salmon and great chances to view black and brown bears in their natural habitat.  Red salmon run strong from the end of June through July.  And we can usually expect to see the silver salmon show up around late July through September. 

Trips to the Kustatan River are another popular destination.  You can actually watch the fish swim up river in the glacial colored waters.  Catching silvers on this river is awesome.

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Bear viewing at Wolverine Creek can be amazing.  At times you will get to see Mama bears bring their cubs down to the water and go fishing.  You’ll watch the cubs anxiously waiting for their meal while their mama jumps in the water and dives for a fish.  Other times you will see adolescent bears playing in water and with each other. 

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Check out our bear viewing page for photos taken from Wolverine Creek. 

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Check out this video of the Turbine Otter taking off from the Kustatan River.

These fly out trips can only happen with the amazing pilots and planes we fly on.  Our pilots have years experience and impeccable safety records.  The planes are De Havilland Otters and Beavers on floats.  This is one part of your fly out experience you will not forget. 

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