Kasilof River King Salmon

Top 5 reasons to go drifting down the Kasilof River

1.  Perhaps the coolest reason, fisherman are allowed to continue to catch-and-release after tagging a king on the Kasilof river. Can you say, Fish On!

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2.  The Kasilof River is drift boat only. Between your catches of the day, you can enjoy the sheer beauty of the Alaskan scenery, taking pictures of moose, bald eagles, and other Alaskan wildlife, which are often seen along the river. The peace and quiet of the "non-motorized" section of the Kasilof will only be broken by the splash of your King or Coho Salmon on the line! And perhaps the exchange of fish stories between you and your Kasilof River fishing guide.


3.  It’s truly a team effort once a fish is hooked. As your guide rows to slower water, you the angler must control your excitement and your fish. The Kasilof King Salmon, at 20 to 50 pounds, may not be the giants of the Kenai, but they can put up a giant fight.

4.  Silver fishing can be phenomenal. You may fish all day long, hooking numerous silvers, and not see another boat or angler. Though not for lack of fish or fight.


5.  This is a highly requested trip, labeled a 'must-see' by past clients.  For an unforgettable Alaskan experience fishing for King or Silver salmon, ask us about these Kasilof River King Salmon Trips.