Alaska Salmon Fishing

The Kenai river is home to two runs each of King salmon, Red salmon, Silver salmon and a single run on even years of pink salmon.  The Kenai River is known for the size of king salmon it produces.  And size matters.  The world record was taken on the Kenai river in 1985 by a man named Les Anderson.  And his record holds strong today.  His king weighed in at just over 97 pounds. 

When fishing with us we provide all the tackle and bait you will need.  Whether you choose to fish our full day trip at 8-9 hours or our half day trip at 5 hours, you will be very comfortable in our 20 foot custom river boats.   

Here is a quick list of items to bring on your vacation.  Please note that Alaska’s weather can vary greatly even within a single day.  We recommend dressing in warm layers.  You can always peel off clothes if you get too warm.  

Bring a camera, lots of film, sunglasses, rain gear, rubber boots or warm shoes, warm layered clothing, warm socks, sun block, and a hat. There is always room in the boat for a bag of your gear.

Alaska Kenai River salmon fishing in 2016 was a great year. There were a lot of sockeye salmon caught!  And King salmon as well! Water conditions were high most of the season, which made red fishing a workout!  Kenai River silver salmon fishing was a little tougher than as usual.  A glacial dam broke in October which made for high water and tough fishing.  And don't forget those rainbow trout, they keep us coming back year after year.  We want to thank all our clients that fished and stayed with us.  You made our 2016 season awesome!  You are always welcome around our campfire. 

Never mind the corporate ladder, our professional Kenai river guides climb the Kenai fish ladder every day. So leave your can of worms at home, boys and girls, Alaska Kenai fishing is not a game for the faint of heart, Guides Eric, Kasey and Zach are here to catch you the King of a lifetime.

Eric Loomis Fishing provides custom Willie Predator boats equipped with comfortable bucket seats, top rated G Loomis fishing rods, all the tackle you'll need, and the freshest bait to bring that big King salmon to the net. Eric Loomis Fishing Alaska will take you to the fish, put you on the fish, and provide you with memories you'll cherish for a lifetime. We always want to be your first choice in Alaska salmon fishing.

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