Second Post

Here is the latest ADF&G new release for the early run of Kenai King Salmon.  There will be no June Kenai River salmon fishing trips this year, it's off to the Kasilof River for Eric!  Until July 1st, the opening day of the late run of the Kenai king salmon.  Click on the link above to read the new release.  


Here is a great picture of a Kasilof river king salmon.  

First Post

April 24, Eric got back from turkey hunting in Washington State.  He had tons of fun hiking and camping and even got snowed on.  And they got their birds.

He already has one drift boat 100% ready to fish for Kasilof River Salmon and the second one is close behind.  Then next up is the power boats, we have a little bit more time before the Kenai River Salmon fishing begins.  But with 21 days until bait opening on the Kasilof River, we don't want to waste any time.  

Check back in with us, we will updating weekly.  



February 13, 2015

Forgot to blog for a couple years, sorry to leave you hanging.  We'll try and be better at it.  

So here we are looking ahead at the 2015 fishing season, So far so good!

Have a few trips on the books and looking forward to fishing clients we haven't fished for a couple years.  Aaron Johnson, for one. :)  

We are gaining daylight by the  minute!  And so looking forward to those days of endless sunshine!

Hope you enjoyed the latest entry in our blog, and hope it's not a couple years before you hear from us again. :)